Anikó Nagy

coach, trainer

"You are never given a dream without the Power to make it come true."
Richard Bach


Carousel. We hear many times from the environment and sometimes from ourselves that we are not motivated in our job and it has an effect for our private life. We do our tasks without passion and often we are only waiting for the end of the day. After we arrive home, we have no mood for anything, although we would like to do a lot of thing.

We can experience the change many times our life. We can feel something is going another way than before. We need new challenges.

I have felt the same. I have changed my workplace for some years, but finally I have left my job which gave me a financially stable life. I changed my economic position to the helpers career. From an employee I became an entrepreneur. Limitation became freedom. I experienced the result of changing, the waves, the hesitancy, the fears, the doubts and the support or resistance of my environment. I also experienced the hapiness of the freedom of choice. I could decide about the direction of the changing and by that I could make my dreams come true.

About me

Nagy Anikó CoachAs an economist I was working at multinational companies for 13 years. I have multiannual experience in leadership where I could see the result even through the numbers of the coaching based leading. I have gained knowledge in using capabilities and giving motivation through the evaluation of unique skills. I believe in team work, human connections and the power of the co-creation.

About the coaching

The coaching is based on psychology and it has an effect on the way of thinking and the behaviour. During the progress the coach supports the clients to reach their goals via using own skills to manage the changes. The term of the process is various, it depends on the topic, on the commitment to changing and the progress itself.


My method

With my experience I am supporting people who are just about facing the change or who are on the way of changing. Sometimes overthinking is the end of the action. We cherish our dreams for too long then we get tired. Instead of making steps, we give them up.

By project management method and coaching equipments I can help you to write the scenario of your project both private and business. To get you from the idea to the implementation.

Basic steps:

  1. Understanding the situation, selection operative thoughts and ideas
  2. Define goals
  3. Collecting resources (inner: strenghts; outer: opportunities)
  4. Defining steps of action
  5. Deadlines
  6. Handling problems and barriers during the process
  7. Summarize the result, evaluation and closing

„If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” Seneca


  • Self-actualization, mid-life crisis
  • Business startup – from an employee become an entrepreneur
  • Should I stay or should I go? Dilemma of moving abroad
  • Conscious life desing, changing lifestyle, habit makeover
  • Preparation for job interview and job releated conversation, for example ask for a rise (both in English and Hungarian)
  • Business development:
    • Team coaching
    • New promotion/ changing position, supporting the implementation
    • To be a leader as a woman -To be a woman as a leader
    • Work and life balance
    • Delegation
  • Creative self-knowledge workshops


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